Question WL 11: How to use Shared Settings


I have just installed and started to try out WL 11, while still continuing to work in WL 10 until I’m ready to convert to version 11, as there are some montage incompatability between versions.

I usually use the same Specific Folder for Setting Location in Preferences due to working on multiple machines, and I configured this in new WL 11 as well, using the old folder from WL10.

It seems that within the Preferences folder there is also the file for “Recently Used” files in Wavelab (…/Cache/lru.txt) which means that when opening WL 11 I get a list of recently used files from WL 10.

So I am just wondering:

  • Is there any way I can still use the same dedicated specific folder for preferences and presets but without sharing the recently used file list?
    It seems that in order to have separate “recently used” list I have to to use one of the other options for standard folders for WL11, and then have to load and save presets by locating used preset folder for WL10!?

  • Is there any known incompatability issues between Preset settings between the two versions WL 10 and WL 11 for Master Section, Plugin Chains, Naming shemes etc, which means/indicates that I can/should not reuse presets from version10?

And please…add tag for wavelab-11.


A WaveLab 11 montage can’t be opened in WaveLab 10.

You should not try to do this. WaveLab 10 folders can be imported once for WaveLab 11, but there is no guarantee that WaveLab 11 overwritten preferences will be readable by WaveLab 10.
In fact, most would be, but I can’t tell which one and this is not supported.

No. the only compatibility change, is about the audio connections, which might need to be redone in WaveLab 11, if you used more than stereo…


Thanks PG, good to know!