Questions about a mysterious plug-in... (answered)

While looking in the ‘Plug-in information’ window, I just stumbled upon one, ‘Standard panner’, with a not so ‘standard’ behaviour…

  • It doesn’t appear in the list of plug-ins available when you want to add an effect as insert, but is listed in the Plug-in information’ window as a Steiny VST3.5 format, with ‘Spatial’ mentioned in the ‘Category’ column.
  • it is not documented, neither in the ‘Operation’, nor in the ‘Plug-ins reference’ manual,
  • When launching Cubase at idle or with an empty project, there are already no less than… 19 instances of it loaded, according to the ‘Plug-in information’ window. And it seems that for each and every instrument or MIDI+VST combination track added, the number of instances of ‘Standard panner’ increases of 15.

So, my questions : what does this one is supposed to do, why so much instances of it loaded at first place, how many resources (RAM and ASIO) are used for these, and can it be disabled in the ‘Plug-in information’ window without risk ? Not a biggy, but… :confused:

EDIT : just tried to add a stereo audio track and making this also adds 15 instances of it…

EDIT2 : seems that it is a kind of ‘virtual’ plug-in, as ‘Cubase6.exe’ appears in the ‘File’ column. But then why is it listed in the ‘Plug-in’ information window and again, can it be safely disabled ?

It´s supposed to move signals from left to right. Or from right to left and anywhere in between.

Its name suggests it already, but thanks anyway.

This neither explain why there are already 19 instances loaded before any project, nor why there are 15 more needed for each VSTi involved in one. This, without talking of the 15 loaded for an empty stereo audio track…

EDIT : just an idea that went in my mind… Could it be that one instance of it is needed for each and every inserts and sends of a track ? Or something similar… :open_mouth:

It was you who asked

Obviously (for the sends at least) As you can see ( at least in V 5) when you click on the number of loaded instances in the PlugIn information.

Ok, I admit that I never had the idea to click on the number displayed itself… :blush: I learned something this evening…

Indeed, there is a list with, for each track, the main panner of it and all the sends ones. It explains the impressive number of 290 for my basic template project. After closing it, only the panners dedicated to the buses defined in the VST connection window remain, ir seems, which explains more or less the 19 instances that I have just after Cubase launch.

Thanks, Thinkingcap. I now have the explanation… :wink:

PS : by the way, better not try to deactivate it…