Questions about audio export

Assume that I have a very large orchestral Dorico file that includes such things as Flute 1, Flute 2, and Flutes 1, 2 where the solo instruments are used for parts and the combined instrument is used in the Conductor’s score. Is there a way to export audio for just the instruments in the Conductor’s score and not include the individual parts as they are redundant? Or, assume the full score has a “working” piano part that is not actually used in the piece. Can that be excluded from the export? Is audio export always based on the full score or are there other possibilities?

Lastly, The forum search engine ignores “audio” when searching for “audio export” (even with + signs) which is really not helpful.

Thanks, Bob.

The forum search is not great. You’re better off using Google to search this domain for a string of keywords.

Audio export is largely an all-or-nothing prospect at present. You could try muting the players you don’t want included. You could also export the individual players and combine them in a DAW afterwards.

I had to export stems (groups of instruments as an audio file) for a project too. While it’s ok to mute/unmute the parts needed and export them separately I miss the opportunity to name each stem while exporting. Between the stem exports I have to rename the first exported audio file in the computer OS (Mac Finder or Windows). Otherwise the second export would overwrite the first one. Or am I missing something?

Saxer, you could always choose a different folder for your second export, unless I’m missing something. Providing greater control over the filenames used for audio (and MIDI, and flow) export is on the backlog for future versions in any case.

Bob, at the moment audio export is indeed always based on the first full score layout.

Daniel, is the ‘first full score layout’ the one first created (by default), or the one highest in the list (possibly created later, then dragged up)?

It’s the highest one in the list.

Thanks, good to know.

batwell - In case it was not clear, what the other responders are suggesting is that you move (drag) your Conductor’s score to the top of the Layouts list in Setup mode. Audio export is based on the topmost full score in Setup mode. If you want to have piano in the Conductor’s score but do not want it in the audio file, then clone off the Conductor’s score layout, remove the piano from this new layout, and move this new layout to the top of the layout list.

This feature is very powerful. You can create an audio file consisting of just the strings, just the brass, etc.