Questions about Controler Track and Key-Editor behaviour


I have two questions and I hope that you can help me out here…

  1. If I save a preset for a midi controler track setup in the key editor there’s always the vertical position of the key window saved too. That makes imho no sense. Just because I want to use my CC1-CC11 preset for example this doesn’t mean that I want to scroll down to C0. Does anybody know how to change that behaviour or is it a bug or a feature that I don’t get?

  2. I’m working in a multi monitor setup and I have the arrangement window on one display and the key editor on another one. That’s because I want to click on a part and then see the notes in it directly. Expected behaviour imo would be that I click on a part and that this parts opens in the key editor at the cursor’s position. Well, it doesn’t - it always opens at the beginning of the part. Can I change this?

Thank you very much for your help!

My best