Questions about Cubase Control Room

Does the Downmix preset mix switch function - in the control room mixer - adapt the level meter’s output to mono according to what pan law is set in the project settings?

Is there some way, some home-hack or whatever, to get the meter to display VU values? Best metering standard to ‘see’ the momentary movement of the music in my opinion.

Is there some way to relocate the 0 reference in the loudness meter LU display mode?

Does anyone know what integration speed the RMS meter in “digital scale” mode uses? Would be real helpful to know.

Is there any way to make the signal pass from control room and further on to the master output?
So that any plugins or volume adjustments are included in the mixdown? Having to open VST connections, switch the output over to the mixer main output before mixdown all the time, including all settings, and then switch back to control room, it feels real cumbersome. One more unnessecary thing to think about kindof.