Questions about delay with Cubase 6.5 and M-Audio Oxygen 61

Hi guys,

So i just got my M-Audio Oxygen 61 Midi Controller Keyboard and hooked it up through USB to my laptop.

I set it up with Cubase 6.5.

Now I’m having some delay problems that are very annoying. It’s probably a common thing.

Everytime I try to play a note or whatever, there is quite a noticeable delay on the sound and I have no idea how to fix it.

I already changed to ASIO4All, as a test, but that didn’t work.

ASIO Buffer Size = 64 samples, which is the lowest I can go.
The latency compensation is 0 samples for both “in” and “out”.

I have Force WDM Driver to 16 bit on, I don’t know what it does.
Allow Pull Mode is on with the buffer Offset to 10ms.

I litterally have no idea what I can do to fix the annoying delay.

Can anyone help me please?


What VST are you triggering with the keyboard? (shouldn’t matter much unless it’s the windows GM thing which has horrendous inherent latency)

I was just trying the Halion thing, the piano VST

Ok, that should be fine.
Try to record some midi notes with the metronome. Do they line up with the grid after recording? (do this without connecting the midi track to anything, so you get no audible feedback while playing that could influence your timing).
Secondly, draw some midi notes on the grid on quarter notes, enable the metronome and play back. Do the sounds line up exactly with the metronome?

I’m just trying to figure out where the delay is happening.

I tested that with my keyboard before, and what I saw was that the notes on screen were exactly timed to when I pushed a key on my keyboard. Does that help?

I fixed the problem!!

I think it was the problem with my onboard laptop speakers.

I just came home, where I have my external speakers. I reset the configuration and set my VST Connections to the right speakers.

I then choose my Oxygen 61 as input and the HALion Sonic SE as output, and now, the sound is precisely timed with the push of a key!

Ok, interesting. Sounds like ASIO4all wasn’t set up properly then, because if your laptop speakers have that much inherent latency they’d be useless for watching videos for example, as the sound would be out of sync. Maybe you did set up ASIO4all right but didn’t select it in Device setup?

Either way, glad it’s solved :slight_smile:

I certainly hope it was a bad setup because I’m not always at home with my external speakers.