Questions about Dorico sound files

I sometimes experience a number of problems with Dorico 2 when playing scores

  • When starting, Dorico complains sound files can’t be found (I may have disconnected external drives)
  • No sounds when playing a score (I may have modified instrument / program assignment with Halion window)
  • Always the same wrong note played for all notes of an instrument score …

Question 1) How can I find where Dorico expects the Halion sound files to be installed, so I can check if they are really there, or if there is no problems with my installation (if I use external USB storage, drive ID’s like E:// may have changed for some reason)

Question 2) How can I force sound files be found where I’d like

main reason for all the abobve is that I don’t want Dorico sound files be part of a complete disk image created for a complete backup of my machine. I do the same thing for all sound files I use, like Band-in-a-Box, instruments VST, etc … since there is no need for these non or rarely changing files to be monitored by my backup software or other management/security software

So typically I use 2 installations, all sound files of various apps on an external large USB disk (E://), or a reduced set on a large USB key (F://).
My computer always assigns the same ID E:// and F:// for each one of these, so when I just carry the USB key while on travel, I want to force the only sounds I need to be found on F:// instead of E://

Independent question: I didn’t yet install Dorico 3 despite I have a license for it, Are there significant improvements related with sounds assignments. for instance as it is the case with Dorico 2 (if Halion instruments settings have been changed from their defaults)

Along with your Dorico installation comes a program called Steinberg Library Manager.
This program detects all your installed Steinberg sounds and with the help of this app you can also move the sound libraries around to any location that you want.

Was Library Manager included with Dorico 2?

Thanks I never heard of this Library Manager. Yes it exists within my Dorico 2 installation.

One point: does it really detect sound files or does it rely on some stored data within Dorico installation ?

Put another way will it find that Halion sounds are on F:// and not E:// as it may be stored in Dorico (I don’t want to perform a move as a copy, just change the Drive ID knowing that all sound file hierarchy has been previously copied to F://

Well, it does only “detect” the sound files that were installed via the Dorico installers. If you have moved files around by yourself, it won’t find them.
That’s why you should use the Library Manager to move sound libraries around, so that it can keep track.
So if the Library Manager does not show a library, then you need to run the installer again.
After that you can move it to a different location.

If you moved the vstsound files manually just double click one of them. This should open the Library Manager and register the vstsound (all vstsound files in that folder).

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Thanks for the hint, I did not know that one.

Interesting and useful info, thanks.

Just to be sure I understand correctly

  1. I have two copies of the sound file hierarchy, the one created by the installer located on a big USB Hard Disk (which contains all the other sound files associated with other software tools), and one I created myself by copying the Dorico sound file hierarchy on the Hard Disk to a large USB key

  2. when not travelling , I’d like the Hard Disk be the location from which Dorico accesses sound files

  3. when on travel, I just carry the USB key so I can perform quick score work on the road. How do I make Dorico aware it can access the sound files from there ?

is it by clicking on one file located on the USB key (anyone or some one specific ?) and that will open the library manager and register the new location for all the sound files duplicated on the USB key ?

  1. and when back I can again click on some file located on the USB Hard Disk to inform the Library Manager ?

    If that’s not correct, what else then ?

In theory, yes, but I don’t know if in practise this really works out. I guess you have to try it out…

Just another thought.

When you start Dorico do you get error message saying that some vstsound files are missing?

If you do then you should get options to ignore, remove or locate the files.

Yes I do receive an error message sayng there is no sound files.
I don’t remember there was an option menu or button (Dorico 2.2.1(.
I’ll check.