Questions about lengthening notes

When lengthening mid-measure notes in Write mode, is there a way to force the following notes across bar lines? I realize that’s the normal behavior when one increases a note’s length, if it is at the end of a measure, but I wonder if there is a way to ‘insert’ the increased note length, rather than ‘borrowing’ from the duration of the following note.

In Play mode, in the piano roll, is there a way to specify that lengthening or shortening a note’s duration will simultaneously shorten or lengthen the duration of the following, (or previous), note? Same question, but the increased or decreased note duration moves the following note, rather than overlapping it.

Try turning on Insert mode (I) before lengthening the notes?


Thanks for Janus’s reply - and just in case you don’t know about the keyboard shortcuts, option-shift forwards or backwards arrow (on Mac) lengthens or shortens a note by the value in the rhythmic grid (lower left-hand corner). I use these shortcuts all the time - it’s one of my favorite things about Dorico.

There are also shortcuts for changing the rhythmic grid (option-right or left bracket). Super useful.

Thanks, Janus.

Insert (I) totally does the job in write mode, but I wonder if there’s a way to do something similar in Play mode’s piano roll, for instance changing note length will increase or decrease the duration of an adjacent note, or move that node, (if Insert is active).

Thanks, Stephen. Yep, both those features are super-awesome. Thanks for the reinforcement… (time spent learning shortcuts saves so much time).

I just checked this in Play mode, and you’re right - insert mode doesn’t seem to work in Play mode. Maybe this could be a feature request?