Questions about multiple displays etc.

First of all, can’t wait to buy Dorico and start making some scores!

A few questions:

“Dorico has a single-window user interface and (still) great for multiple displays”
Q: What does that mean, exactly, they seem to contradict each other? Can you place e.g. in a three monitor setup the full score (full screen) to one monitor, zoomed area of score to work on to another and tools to another? Or place the “play/key editor” to one monitor and write mode editor to a separate monitor?

About write mode:
Q: Is there a way to swap a vertical selection between two players? If you want to swap a section of music vertically between 1st and 2nd violin, for example.

About playback:
Q: is there a way to make Dorico play the notes under (some) slurs in extended duration so that virtual instrument (Samplemodeling winds for example) knows to play it as legato? I know this can be done in play editor by drawing the notes longer, but some automation would be much easier.

You can have multiple windows onto the same project open, so yes, you can have Write mode on one display and Play mode on another. You can’t detach the panels that are found on the edges of the project window, but they are very easy to close when you’re not using them (Ctrl+0 or Command-0 hides all of the open panels, and restores them if you type it again).

Copy and paste-type functionality is not yet implemented to any significant extent, so things like swapping a selection between two instruments is not there at the moment, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have this at some point.

We do intend to do a certain amount of automatic adjustment of MIDI values for things like slurs (as you suggest, making the notes overlap slightly), or staccato (shortening them), or accent (increasing their volume/velocity), though this won’t go particularly far down the path of so-called humanised playback.