Questions about new features


It seems on the videos that the mixer is now part of the arrange window rather than an independant window, is that correct?
I always thought there were too many windows in Cubase, resulting in a cluttered interface, has this been changed?

Also is there now a way to show only audio and instrument tracks in the arrange window track list?

Thanks for your help.

Mixer still independent & window use still awful with the same un-maximising behaviour.

Arrange window shows all tracks though fx & groups will fold down into their own very small height folder.

Thanks, what’s window maximizing ?
I like your avatar, is it a Les Paul special?

If you have the arrange window maximised & then open something like the export audio window your arrange window unmaximises…means you are frewuently having to resize & maximise windows or find a workaround with windows layout hotkeys or keeping windows un-maximised all the time.

You’ve probably adjusted & found a way to do this without even realising it.

Thanks…it’s my beloved made in Japan Tokai Love Rock TJ-60 with Jason Lollar P90 & an intonated bridge fitted on locking pins…
I think it’s based on a LP Junior double cut…pure, simple rock n roll.