Questions about Offline processing in 9.5

Just upgraded from pro 8.5 to 9.5, and trying to get my head around offline processing. A few questions:

First, in CB 8.5, when applying fx processing directly to a file, we had a great “more” dropdown at the bottom of the plugin window. And there we had the option to apply (or just preview) a % of the process to the file (see the attached file - wet vs dry). is that still available in 9.5? Great option, should come back if it’s gone. For instance, when I would preview a vocal clip with Auto-tune, I could quickly slide back and forth from wet-dry while previewing the file, just making sure that auto-tune wasn’t producing any unwanted artifacts or weirdness. That’s just one of many great options for the wet/dry % option.

Second, Is the new offline processing creating a new version of the file when I apply the process? Seems like it must be, but I’m used to having that “create new version” tab.