Questions about reinstalling

So I upgraded my computer and had to wipe my harddrive. Backed up everything so I’m good there, but wondering what the reinstall process is going to look like. When I got Cubase 7 I got it in time for the free upgrade to 7.5 which is what Ive been using, which means I only have the disk for 7, I still have the usb keys I had it activated with. whats the best process here to install it again?

Download the 7.5.30 Iso-image installer and the content and install. Then download the 7.5.40 update and install.

Where do I get those at? I’m assuming it will automatically work when I install since the license stuff is on the usb key still?

In the download area on the steinberg website. Yes, you only need to install cubase and the elicenser software and your usb license will be active.