Questions About Saving and Importing Track Archives

Cubase Pro 12 (latest version)
Mac OS


I have a couple questions regarding track archives and I’d be grateful for any help i can get.

1.) I can’t seem to save a folder with several tracks in it when exporting as track archive. Is there another way? I’m hoping to create and save a multi out instance of Kontakt with the midi and audio channels inside a folder with all the routings, etc so that I can build my template later.

2.) When importing track archives, it places it on the lowest part of the project window which I then have to scroll down and select and drag back to place it where I want. I was hoping it could automatically place the imported channels directly under the existing selected folder or track so that I don’t have to scroll and drag. Is there a way to do this?

Having said all this….I can’t seem to select my channels and then alt drag to copy/duplicate them. That would be so much easier than saving track archives for me.

Very grateful for your time.

Try to use the (context) menu item “Duplicate Track” instead of the Alt key.