Questions about Score editor

Hi. I’m recently learning using score editor. And have a lot questions that can’t be found on the internet.

  1. Can I use ‘shift + scroll wheel’ to move vertically on the score editor, just like other editor window?
    If I use wheel scrolling with the cursor oh the scroll bar, it works. but when the cursor is on the editor page, it doesn’t scroll both vertically and horizontally.

  2. How can I shift selected note to 1~2 upper, just with keyboard?

  3. How can I handle my transport bar on the score editor, by mouse clicking?


In the Preferences > Scores > Editing, you can enable Use Mouse Wheel to Transpose Notes option. You can also use Shift + arrows up/down to transpose by 1 octave up/down. You can use Ctrl/Cmd + arrows right/left to shift the note right/left (I’m not sure, this was possible in Cubase 10 already, might be, this is new in Cubase 11).

Myself, I have Info Line shown in the Score Editor (actually in every window). Lots of useful parameters there. And since Cubase 11, we have the Note Editing Overlay option, which allows you similar graphical editing as it is in the Key Editor.

Do you mean 1 semitone? Assign a KeyCommand to the Nudge > Up and Nudge > Down commands (you can see these in the Transpose Palette, if you enable it in the Toolbar). Or you can make your custom Logical Editor Preset to Transpose Note +1/-1 and assign KeyCommands.

Sorry, I didn’t get this question. What do you mean, please?


Nothing to add to what Martin wrote. Perfect as usual.

Just for your information there is a dedicated Score Editor section under Cubase. In the future just use the Tags, select Scoring and post any Score Editor related questions there please. You will find there lots of useful information and more to come! This is where you will find your post now.