Questions about Selecting stuff / nonlinear Rit. / and other

Hi folks,

as a longtime-user of Sibelius i’m fighting hard to get used to Dorico. That’s not a problem, since i take the time, but i ran into some issues i would like to share here:
maybe someone comes up with a solution i couldn’t find or maybe you can take it as a possible improvement for a future release. In any case, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here you go:

  • After inserting cresc/decr. with the popover it’s not possible to reselect the notes using the TAB key. This works only if you insert an (additional) dynamic such f, mp, ecc. Would be nice if this works for cresc./decresc. marks only, too.

  • Is there a way to insert a non-linear rit.? Like late/early in Sibelius? I have to do it right now inserting multiple ritardandos one after another with different percentage values.

  • Would like to have a possibility to jump to the beginning/end of a selected passage. Like shift/pageup shift/pagedown in Sibelius

  • Does it happen only to me, that if one clicks on the edit button of a VST instrument on the right side of the Play mode, that it opens quite often in the background and one have to click several times to bring it to the front?

  • I dont’t get really the difference between GROUPING and LINKING dynamics. If i want to edit a group of 3 dynamics/staves separately, as far as i know i have to select at least 2 of them and do “Ungroup dynamics”. Thereafter i can change them independently. But if i wan’t to rearrange 2 of them in a new group, there is no difference if i select them and do “Group dynamics”. Only if i click “Link” they are linked together and i can edit them only modifying one. What is “Group dynamics” supposed to do?

That’all for now. :slight_smile:
Thank you

Your best bet is to draw in the tempo changes using the Time track in Play mode.

Grouping is horizontal, grouping hairpins to immediate dynamics and such. Linking is vertical: linking dynamics across multiple staves, so that if you change one, the others change.

FWIW, I don’t link dynamics. You can turn this behavior off in Preferences. I find it’s more confusing than helpful, just personally. Instead, I use Duplicate to Staff Below. Set one dynamic, then duplicate it to the staves below.

I see, thanks a lot!

It’s absolutely true that you can’t Tab back to notes having created a gradual dynamic. That said, you can bypass the problem by inputting dynamics using the caret. See Tip: Add dynamics in the middle of tied notes – Dorico for instance.

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