Questions about the coming new version

@ the Dorico team
In the process of recreating a clean Template from scratch for mymy new projectI would like to know before I do this if the very next version of Dorico which is coming soon will allow to export/import Master Pages or Master Page Sets?
If so, I would then wait untill this version comes out instead of recreating all the master pages (I already need a lot of them!).

Also will the next version have a way to export/import Font Styles?
Or at least will it have the “Save as Default” function for Font Styles?
I find the function “Save as Default” for Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and Playing Techniques very very usefull as it makes your custom Styles and Techniques immediately available in all projects (new and old).

Welcome to the joy of waiting for a new release.

The simple answer to all of these questions is, “we don’t know.” Everything you’ve suggested has been requested many times on the forum. The workaround is to create a template file just how you want it and then save it as read-only and open it whenever you need and then Save-As under a new file name. It’s a few extra steps, but it is perfectly workable.

Please re-read my question and you will notice that I am asking to know if I should wait till these features are possibly coming in the next days or can I already begin to work and recreate my Master Pages.
I am aware of how to create a template based on what one has already done, this what I did many times until now but … Ther are some unsolved problems at the moment and a developper suggested that possibly I have a “bloated” project leading to these problems.
In order to avoid this for my next project I want to create a template from scratch which is not based on earlier projects.

And pease reread mine: Welcome to the joy of waiting for a new release…“we don’t know”.

That is a decision only you can make; you could wait 5 days, but you might be waiting 8 months. Depends on how desperate you are.

The next update will not include the ability to import/export master pages, or to do ‘Save as Default’ for font styles. For the avoidance of doubt, these are things that we do plan to add in future.

Thanks for your answer Daniel.
I will then recreate the master pages with the certitude that I do not do this for nothing.
And of course I was aware that these features will come at some point in the future.