Questions about the new chord tools

Just wondering is there a way that cubase can analyze incoming MIDI data for what chords are being played live?

Make an instrument track and monitor that track (speaker symbol)
Make a chord track, use the draw tools to insert a chord and a box with a “X” appears. Double click this box and make sure you activate the “MIDI-Input” on the lower left of that window.
Now you see the chords you play live displayed in the box.

Wow, so it’s possible via the chord track, interesting.

Would be nice in future to have this functionality present in MIDI tracks as standard :bulb:

Yeah, but it’s a bit of a workaround, it would be better to have it like in Logic.
For the rest Logic sucks ofcourse :wink:

I believe there was once a MIDI plugin that performed this specific function but if it is in Logic as standard, then it seems SB might be playing a bit of catch up (as well as innovating of course :slight_smile: )