Questions about using Cubase LE AI Elements 6

I am new to the forum and very new to Cubase and music editing software of this type. I got this program with my Zoom H4N. I got the Zoom to record long guitar improvisations to save as .wav files. Then I want to use this software to extract pieces of the longer wav file. Then I want to loop the guitar piece I cut out and have it repeat for lengths of time that I specify. Then I want to take the long loops and import them into Adobe Premiere Elements. I have figured out how to import the wave file in to Cubase LE6. I still don’t understand how to do the following:

  1. How do I edit out or extract or copy a piece of the long wav file and save it as its own separate wav file?

  2. Once I have saved the piece I edited out of the long wav file as its own file: How can I get that piece to loop for an amount of time that I specify and then save that to another wav file? For example: Let’s say the piece is 45 seconds how can I get it to loop so that it will be 4 minutes?

Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

No 1

cut using the scissors, then put left/right locators around cut bit, solo track and export/

Or cut using scissors, select cut bit and bounce audio, new file will be placed in the pool/audio folder.

are a couple of ways that immediately spring to mind

No 2

Repeat the new cut file as many times as required then apply some of the principles learnt in No 1

Thanks for the reply. Yes I know about “cut” but I couldn’t get it to activate. Then I found the operation manual in Help and it explained about the “Sample Editor.” Once I found the sample editor the rest was easy.