Questions about VST Note Expression

Hello kind folk, I have some questions about Note Expression if you will.

I am trying to reaquaint myself with the Key Editor in Cubase 6, as it is very different from older versions of the application so if anyone could help me at all it would be both welcome and warmly appreciated.

Up until now I have been modifying velocity for individual notes in a very basic way, ie by first selecting a note then changing it’s velocity in a Key Editor lane but now since I am also creating strums by altering the start times of individual notes I can see side-by-side the velocity lines and no longer are they all stacked up on top of one another.

This has lead to a problem of sorts whereby even if I select the note I want to change the velocity for, and then click not exactly on the correct velocity “handle” it often changes the velocity of another note, in other words what is selected does not necessarily become edited and then I must undo and horizontally maximise the screen in order to select the correct note and perform the action again.

I understand I can use the mouse wheel (if I had one) or the info line but this is not the workflow I really need so I am wondering if note expression can be of help in this regard.

Thank you kindly dedicated Cubase users!

Hi, no way to use Note Expression for velocity, I’m afraid.
What you could use is this:
First check in Preferences > Tool Modifiers > Select Tool > Edit Velocity
Check what modifier is listed there (here it is Ctrl+Shift, but that may very well not be standard)
You can use the modifier by holding it while moving the cursor over the note you want.
A speaker symbol will appear.
Now click and drag to change velocity.

Hi lanter,

I will try what you’ve suggested however I’m not altogether an expert in this area so I probably didn’t explain it very well…

What I think I meant to say was to reduce the volume of individual notes over time.

I read here a while ago a member was talking about the Expression Controller and how it can be interpreted differently depending on the device, ie hardware or VST and the manual talks about polyphony and how Continuous Controllers affect the entire channel, so does this mean that the notes must be on different channels in order to change “velocities” for individual notes?

To further explain, velocity is not a Continuous Controller, I understand this much but main volume is so is there no way to taper the volume for individual samples unless they comprise individual notes or channels?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Ah, completely misunderstood your problem, not velocity but volume CC7.
Well, a VSTi needs to be designed to be able to handle controller info for individual simultaneous notes (like in a chord).
Anyway only possible for VST 3 standard VSTi. Certainly impossible for hardware instruments that obey the MIDI standard.
Otherwise the only way would be to have each note on a different channel (so in essence a different instance of the same instrument).
Hope this helps…

Hi Jan,

I found this post and low and behold, the first entry was exactly as per your instructions:

Thanks very much for your advice here, I did not realize there was a simple way to achieve what I (currently) need to do however I am sure there will come a time when I will need to do more in the area previously described but as for now you have saved me a great deal of pain and anguish as up until now all my notation was on the beat so as to avoid the obvious issue of editing the wrong note, so thank you once again.