Questions about wave labs Scripting Ability


I have recently upgraded to wave lab pro 9 and I am very much enjoying learning the software and I am excited at the scripting functionality.

I am a noob when it come to scripting but understand its based on ECMAScript which is more or less Javascript.

I’ve looks at the manual and have started to go through some you tube videos to learn about the language (Mainly javascript) and I am excited at the possibility’s this opens up and have some questions as to its implementation in wave lab.

Is the scripting language able to work with plug-ins? Could I load a re-verb into a master slot and write a script that out puts a file with the room size changing value at set point over a file?

Or could I out pup multiple versions of a file with different re verb pre-sets to allow me to create a sample set.

Also can the scripting language read values from wave labs metering? So for example could I write a script that reads the spectroscope and places a marker every-time the 670hz band goes over -24db?

Thanks for your time


The scripting features, which are described in the documentation, don’t allow these. It’s rather about high level commands.

Ah I think I follow you. So its basically just the fundamental editing tools and functions in wave labs software interface like the tools on the ribbon menu which can be scripted? That’s still very cool. Just trying to grasp the scope of the scripting so I can learn with ideas that are possible and not get frustrated with things that aren’t (yet)