Questions around midi input

I’ve got Dorico 3 Elements (if that matters for the answer…) and I want to use my midi keyboard to input notes.
So far, I’ve been using mouse input but I’m much more creative when trying stuff out on the keyboard.

I’ve been experimenting a bit and here’s a couple of things I Want to know if they are possible and so, how…

  1. Can I configure Dorico so it ignores the velocity? This is mainly while exploring music and not for inputting or recording but it’s easier if I can hear all the notes at the same volume while I explore motifs and so on.
    “Preserve note velocity” is already not checked but that only applies to recording if I’m not mistaken

  2. I’ve got plenty of buttons on my midi controller that I usually map in my DAW to perform certain actions.
    Is there a way so I can map these buttons to for example the note lengths so when I’m in note input mode, I can pick the length of the note from a button on my midi controller instead of button on my keyboard or clicking with the mouse?

Not sure about 1, but for 2 go to Edit/Preferences/Key Commands and program what you want in the MIDI Learn panel.

I’m afraid you can’t get Dorico to ignore velocity for the notes you play on your keyboard: it echoes them exactly as it receives them.


From the response above I Was able to map buttons from the midi controller to note lengths which is great! Will be mapping some more to make it easy :slight_smile:

I also looked through the manual of my controller again and I was able to configure a fixed velocity on my midi controller itself which is also great. Now I don’t need Dorico to be able to do this :slight_smile:
I remember I did the same in my DAW but there I could configure it in my DAW so that’s why initially I was looking for a software solution while I also had a hardware solution .

I think one (easy) software solution would be to configure the VSTi you’re using so that it has no dynamics at all. The only drawback is that it won’t play any dynamics when playing back Dorico’s score…

I’ve mapped my keyboard and there’s a little info about it here Alesis VI - Midi Keyboard Shortcuts - Dorico - Steinberg Forums that may help you.