Questions before buy Cubase pro


I have Cubase Elements 8, if I understand well, I have to upgrade to Artist first (142,39€ promo) and I get for free Cubase Pro 11…?

Later, when Cubase Pro 12 will be available, I will have to pay the update from 11 to 12 (100€ without promo)…?

If I buy one license Cubase Pro 11, I can use it on how many devices (I need on 2 devices…)

Thanks to clarify, I tried to get an email adress from Steinberg to ask but it looks complicated and I’m lazy to spend time on forum, that’s why I ask directly here…

Thanks again

No, the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” deal only applies for full versions of Cubase Artist, not for upgrades to Cubase Pro. But there is also a 40% off deal on the upgrade from Elements to Pro.

Yes, we offer annual paid updates.

As long as you connect the USB eLicenser, you can use it on as many systems as you like.

Thanks for your answer. Sorry…I don’t get the point…I surely missed something,…but I don’t see upgrade from elements 8 to pro 11…Could you please share the link to be sure…?

Thanks a lot !