Questions before buying Cubase 10 Artist


Before buying Cubase 10 Artist : I have the following questions :

  1. Can I download a test software to check that my hardware configuration (sound card and graphic card) is OK ?
  2. Once I’ve ordered, what is the delay to reveive the USB E-Licencer (in France) ?
  3. Will I have to wait for the USB E-Licencer before I can use Cubase ?
  4. Is there a some days money-back guarantee (in case my hardware configuration is not Ok) ?

Thank you for advance.

The best way to test your hardware is to download a Cubase Elements 10 trial, which doesn’t require a USB eLicenser.

You have the option of buying a USB eLicenser separately if that’s faster or more convenient for you. In the UK they’re available from Amazon - you can sometimes get them the day of order of you have Prime. You may pay slightly more overall, but it will not be much.

If you buy a USB eLicenser you can have a 30 day trial of Cubase Artist and buy the download version (which is just an activation code to apply to your eLicenser) directly from Steinberg before the offer ends.