Questions: Boxed Text and Watermarking

  1. Is there a way to input boxed text, for instance to label verse and chorus in a piece?

  2. Is it possible to adjust the size of the watermark text? I’d like to have more text than the default allows.


The answer to the first question is “no”, though it’s planned. A workaround for now would be to put the text in its own text frame in Engrave mode, as text frames themselves can show a border.

The watermark text can be modified by going to Engrave > Font Styles and editing the ‘Print Watermark Font’.

Thanks, Daniel!

Is it me or does the “Weight” function when editing the ‘Print Watermark Font’ not work?

Is there a way to adjust the opacity of the watermark? It would be helpful if we could. It’s a little too light for what I’m trying to accomplish, namely, creating a score for preview with a darker watermark to encourage purchasing the watermark-less score.

The way that font styles are handled in Engrave > Font Styles has been overhauled ahead of the forthcoming update. However, you can’t currently change the opacity of the watermark, I’m afraid; I will make a note of this to make this possible in future.

I’d find that ability useful as well.