Questions for Artist Series Controller Owners

I have several questions regarding the operation of my MC Control and I have little faith that I’ll ever get any answers on the Avid site.

1) Why can’t I save the Attention Fader to a template or project?
I’ve got 2 Artist Mix & an MC Control. That gives me 20 faders to work with. My screen array spans 81" across 3 monitors. If I select a channel on the Nuendo 7 mixer, it always shows up on the 1st fader far left, while the track on the monitor is on the far right of the third screen, which is also right! NOT OPTIMAL!

With the Attention Fader activated on my 4th fader on the MC, I’ve got a 2 fold compromise. 1) The track shows up in the center fader & 2) the track on the PC screen also shows up in the center! THIS IS WORKABLE. But every start of business, I have to reset the attention fader. Why can’t it be saved like any other key command or layout???

2) What is the procedure (besides avoiding altogether and using the trackball/mouse) to assign a group of channels to a channel group buss and have it show up in slot 1?

I’ll pick several channels in Nuendo 7 and link them. Then I’ll press the Group button on the MC. IF( it often doesn’t until 2 or 3 tries :angry:) it engages, it takes me to the available group page and I’ll make my selection. Whatever I select always ends up in slot 7. :question: WHY won’t it default to slot 1? While we’re on the subject, if I’m making routing selections in the input rack, why is it dropping me down into the direct routing rack (which is for additional routing options) at all, since it’s the FIRST SELECTION?

If I did the same thing and just used the cursor to go directly to slot 1, the menu drops down and lets me select it in that slot.

3) How do I get my jog wheel out of “scrub mode?” I thought jog was to scroll up and down the project window and shuttle was supposed to be used for scrubbing. Even if my understanding of those functions is backwards, one of the two should be able to move up and down the wave forms silently. What do I have to adjust to make that happen?

4) There’s a label issue on my Transport. I have a problem with the 2nd of the 6 soft buttons my Transport. It will not show it’s label function. 1 says “Jog.” 2 says NOTHING. 3 says “Zoom Vertically.” 4 is “Zoom Horizontally.” 5 has the “CR Volume symbol” and 6 says “Go To Position.”

The 2 soft knob is programmed to the shuttle wheel and it says Shuttle in the Command Box. It works as expected, but nothing shows up on the Transport Screen to tell you it’s the Shuttle function. It just shows whatever function was last used. Is there any way to fix this?

5) Why is the mapping of the surround controls showing a BLANK PAGE? I have controls across 3 pages. But my 2nd page is blank! So, to access page 2 controls, I have to page over to page 3. Is there any way to move those controls to page 2?

As the attitude at Avid seems to be to act as if only PT users deserve help with a controller they acquired that was originally designed to work with MULTIPLE DAWS, it seems to me that I might make out better getting these answers in an environment where other people are using the same DAW with these controllers. Thanks to anybody who can or will even try to answer these questions! :sunglasses: