Questions from a SWITCH From logic person

Hello, I am a long time Logic user and now I am trying to switch to Cubase. I use a trial version.
Moderator, please remove this post from Cubase 8 as I made a mistake.

I have a few questions to you:


  1. I already know that the thing that I need but I will not be able to use is Logic Drummer. I think it will be a handicap for me as a composer. Is there a way to use it some how from Logic in Cubase?

  2. Sometimes when creating music I need let us say to open Piano instrument and in Logic I was creating 3 or 4 tracks with the same MIDI instrument so I could record using one instance of piano on a few tracks and then only choose which one I need or glue them, playing part by part, especially good to use for drums. Please even do not tell me that it is not possible!

  3. Expression maps - I will demonstarte it for you on the video. Let us say I use one instance of Symphonic Studio Strings. In Logic this what is named ATTRIBUTE TYPE (which is the only choice in Logic for now) works perfectly the way that you can create polifonic articulations using the same instance of instrument. Let us say that you want to play low notes with CoreLegato articulation and upper with pizzicato. Here is the video. Please have a look.
    example or polifonic articulation - YouTube

Will it work in Cubase? I can see a lot of issues, it does not work or velocities are random or there is some lag. Please helpe me here. The video is: example or polifonic articulation

Hi there

Hi there

What I think you might be needing to do is Load a single instrument into a track and then point/connect several midi tracks to it. You could do this using either an instrument track or loading the instrument into a rack.(not something I ever do these days).

Best Regards


How to point several tracks to my first track? How to achieve it?
And anyone can reply to my other questions please?

Oh yes thank you, I recognise now when I was Cubase user 10 years ago.

Ok what about other important questions?

  1. Groove Agent SE, drummer in Cubase. Me, I never use the Logic Drummer here. Id rather use EZ drummer or another VSTi Drum software

  2. Yes per Dave Abbott

  3. Cubase has expression maps for orchestral things

Regarding your third question:

articulations don’t work the same way in Cubase.
You can’t apply Expression Maps on individual notes. It’s based on MIDI channels.
For any given track, any articulation data is sent to all MIDI channels and affects all polyphonic voices/notes.

So, to my great regret, polyphonic articulation is not possible in Cubase.