questions help plz :)


I’m trying to move from logic x to cubase 8.5 downloaded the pro since i got the e-lichener

well I’m using apple trackpad so i used to zoom by pinching also i miss the sensitive touch function “for example i click hard in piano roll to add a note …etc” ANY options to activate this?

can i have the Racks on different screen?

how to use an external instrument track and record it as midi track " i do this with my korg pa3x and i record midi tracks from the built in keyboard sound and edit it in logic and just record again (( breifly i use my keyboard like a sound plugin))"

i hate to go to the ruler and select the needed bar …anything like marque tool in logic …or the smart tool in protools
i mean anything to make the workflow fast

is the cubase 8.5 pro DEMO limited??
thank you for ur help

There is not a pinch zoom function in the Key Editor. You can add a note by holding Alt and then clicking to create the desired note.

The Racks cannot be removed from the Mixer, but you could use Mixer 2 or Mixer 3 to have an alternate view.

I would suggest setting up the External Instrument in Devices, VST Connections, External Instruments. Or, personally, I prefer to setup a MIDI track and an Audio track. I record the MIDI track while having the Audio track in Monitor Enable (Orange Speaker button) to hear the sound from the external module. Then, I adjust my MIDI as necessary, then I record the final audio on the Audio track, and edit that as necessary.

I’m a fan of using the ruler at the top so I don’t have an alternate workflow that I use, maybe another user will. The other thing I use are Marker tracks when I’m in a large project and need to move from section to section.

The trial version is limited to 30 days from activation, but there are not any feature limitations. I hope this information is helpful.

There are a lot of really helpful video tutorials from Steinberg on YouTube. Sure helped me a lot to get started when I switched from Logic X to Cubase 8.5 Worth checking them out.