Questions on acquiring Cubase Elements


First message here. Sorry about the basic questions. I couldn’t find any answers in the forum.

I am considering purchasing Cubase Elements 10. I don’t have any previous version of Cubase.

  • Do I need some piece of hardware such as eLicenser? Or can I do everything online? Steinberg offers the possibility to buy online and download the software. Will I be able to and license it and use right away without an eLicenser or whatever other physical device?
  • If in the future there are updates within version 10 (say from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2), will I be entitled to have those updates at no cost?

Yes. The Elements version does not require the USB eLicenser. Only the Artist and Pro versions require it. Elements will install a “software” eLicenser (a file stored on the hard drive). You will get maintenance updates for free such as the numbers you listed above. Usually, they release a “.5” update with new features after a year (i.e. Cubase 10.5) which has new features and is NOT free.

Thank you!