Questions on global and local adjustments

When I move an object (for example, the “attacca” marking I recently created) using Engrave mode, is there a way to make the change in position a global change? I’d like the marking all the way to the right in all layouts, but even when I have the properties panel set to Global, it seems that position changes remain local. Or maybe I’m missing something?

Also, is there a modifier key I can hold down while making adjustments with the mouse to cause the change I’m making to be global or local? Because Dórico is so good at doing these things automatically, I haven’t gotten proficient at doing it manually yet. But in the previous software I used (where I had to do manual adjustments constantly and got fairly good at it), there was a modifier key that made it simple to switch between global and local editing, which was nice. For example, if I held down command (I think? Already forgetting) it made the change a local one, I think, whereas otherwise it defaulted to global edits. Does this exist yet in Dorico?

If not, I guess it’s a feature request, albeit a very low priority, because it’s not needed very often, at least for me.

First of all: there is a command ‘Propagate properties’, that copies any custom adjustments made to a (selected) object to all other layouts. Look for it in the Edit menu. I personally have a keyboard shortcut for it, because I use it often.
Secondly: for an attacca I mostly add a Fine, which AFAIK is right-aligned by default, and simply change the text string. No need to move it in Engrave mode most of the time.

System-attached objects (System Text, Tempo marks, Rehearsal Marks etc.) can’t be positioned globally, unfortunately. You’ll find that if you propagate properties, or set them globally, the position will only appear in the part of the instrument that the object is immediately above in the score, e.g. Flute/Picc in an orchestral score.

It’s one area (thankfully pretty much the only area) that really slows me down in part formatting, and I’m sure I’ve grumbled about it enough that it’s already on the feature request list.


You have, but in fairness, so have I at times.

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Yes, I used Fine as well, and for me, it aligned it to the right of the last measure, but the cautionary key signature then stuck out further to the right, which is not what I wanted, so I moved it all the way right.