Questions on rendering in WL 8.5

Some questions regarding the rendering of a montage

  1. I am still unsure about the proper workflow in WL regarding the rendering process. When I have an audio montage ready (for a potential CD) and want to make a mp3-collection (for itunes for ex) and hit the render function; does this then alter the original montage so that all the effects are rendered not only to the mp3 files but also altering the montage too, so that there will be a double rendering if I repeat the process, or do the montage keept clean an unchanged after the render process? I really have to trust that I know what´s there in the montage and that it remains unchanged.

  2. I also need to be clear about the relationship between the audio files window and the montage window regarding editing in the audio window. Do for ex an edit like normalisation need to be rendered or saved to follow through to the montage? or if I close the edit window without rendering will the file in the montage revert to the original that was first brougt to the audio window for editing?

  3. What about the effects in the master section? If I use them when rendering will the montage then be altered next time I play it up or do a “mixdown” to CD. As you see I am still confused about the rendering functions and would be happy get a better understanding of this. So if anyone can clarify these things I´d be most happy!

No this is exactly why the montage is so powerful - original files are untouched and remain as they are. When you render you normally create new files as an output from anything in the montage with added effects in several places. If you don’t like the result, say EQ needs changing, you just reopen the montage, adjust EQ and render to new files again. Or you save the montage under a different file name with different edits for a different purpose.

Yes, saving a file in the audio editor (or rendering in place and then saving) makes changes final - and then they are reflected in the same file used in the montage.

Using the master section in a montage during rendering does include the effects in the master section to the rendered files (unless you switch effects off with the on/off button). BUT you have to be aware that the master section is the same in open montage and audio files. So if you want the montage to remain unique, it’s better to use the ‘master output’ effects inside the montage, since these are automatically saved with the montage. The montage itself is never changed by just rendering it.

Thank for taking the time to explain. It is a lot to consider, but piece by piece the picture gets a bit clearer… :slight_smile: