Questions On Upgrading 7.0.6 To 7.5

I’m really on the fence about this because I have been in the middle of a big project since January of this year and the only reason I am considering it is because I just purchased the new Xfer Serum VST and am having lots of bug issues with it, mostly crackling sound while programming and periodic crashes of Cubase.

The creator of the software says he has no problems with this VST on Cubase 7.5.

So, here’s my question.

I have a TON of high end plugins including Zebra 2, Synthmaster 2.6, Massive, Reaktor and so on.

If I upgrade to 7.5, am I going to have to reinstall any of these? Will i have any path issues finding plugings? What problems am I going to encounter that I will need to absolutely deal with? I really can’t afford to do this upgrade if it’s going to seriously impact my productivity. In short, it needs to be “install and back to business as usual”.

So what’s the REAL deal? Please be honest.

You will not need to reinstall your 3rd party plugins if you upgrade to Cubase 7.5. Cubase 7.5 will be able to see them as Cubase 7.0 did.

It should indeed be installing the Cubase 7.5 upgrade and then getting back to business.

Thank you.