Questions regarding download, user privileges and updates

We still have a few questions before buying VST Connect Pro:

  • Is a Hash provided for download? If yes, what algorithm is used?
    I know that the Steinberg Download Assistant supposedly makes download and installation “more secure”, but I failed to find specific info for this.

  • Are there set intervals for security updates?

  • Do I need any privileges above the basic user privileges to run this software on Windows?

Sorry that I have to put this here - I imagine the official support would be a better place to ask. But since the zendesk / Ticket support seems to be bugged (hasn’t replied in weeks, ticket overview sends me to the Steinberg homepage) and I can’t get telephone support before buying this first, I posted it here again.


  1. No hash is user here. But the Download Assistant uses a SHA-256
  2. No
  3. Have a look here.

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