Questions regarding video and images

I know that the next update is already in the making and that it will bring some features we are all waiting for but I have a few questions for the use of video files and images.

Test with Video files (mp4)
Drag a mp4 video to the Tracks Window to create a Video track works fine!

The two handles on the video track Fade-In and Adjust length (Left) work but the fade-In does not have any impact. Also the right handles work but only the lengt-adjustment has impact of the video. The Video does not play any sound.

In the Video-Track that contains a mp4 file is horizontal Volume indicator shown, but even when you set the Volume in the Inspectors head-Row the video has no sound! What am I missing to get video-sound?
It would be great, if you can grab this line (like in Cubase) and drag it to the desired adjustment.

Test with Images (jpg/png)
Drag n drop of jpg to create video track works fine, also to add more images.
Handles on the left side work fine also the right fade-out handle but the “adjust length” handle on the right does only allow to shorten the duration and not to lengthen them, but you can adjust the length using the “Length” in the Tracks-Headline.
The Fade-In/Fade-Out handle has no effect! The Image pops in without any visual effect.

When you drag an Image to the Video-Track it has a duration of 10 Seconds by default. You can shorten this duration but you cannot lengthen the duration using the right “length-Handle” of the Image-Representation, you have to use the “Length” Setting-Input in Head-Row. Please make the handle work this way.
If you drag more Images to the video-track, they overlap each other and you can not acces the handles of the overlaped image to make adjustments.

Feature Requests (will also postet to the correct feature Request list)

  1. The Video-Track must play sound
  2. The sound Level-Representation Line in the Video-Track has to be dragable!
  3. Video Sound needs also a mute/solo button
  4. The Fade-In Handles of Video-Files has to work like “Sound-Fade/out” in adjustments
  5. Video and Images need also an visual “Fade-In/Fade-out” Handle to blend them in/out visualy
  6. For Images the right “Length-Handle” has to allow the adjustment for “length” (longer than 10 Seconds)
  7. Images need a visual representation when they overlap each other that allows to access the Handles of the overlaped Image

Handles of overlaped image file are not accessible

Video event fade in/out did not quite make it into v 1.0.41, sorry. Will be available in 1.1.

That’s correct, video tracks play just video. We will add an audio extraction method like Cubase/Nuendo does.

The event info is supposed to read “Intensity” instead of “Volume”, and should be in percent. It controls the intensity (transparency) ov the video event, which allows for blending videos over multiple tracks. Improved naming is coming with 1.1 as well.

Right, that is also planned for audio and video/image events.

An image is treated the same as a video so the same applies. Fade i/o for images coming.

Unfortunately you are correct, will be fixed with 1.1. as well, sorry.

That is true for all events in Cuabase too, no? What do you expect?

See above, audio extraction planned.

It is not a sound level but again see above, planned for both video and audio.

Would be an extracted audio track and rules for audio tracks/channels apply.

These 2 both say the same, no? Anyway, video/image fades coming.

Sure, sorry.

Despite the image you show, I still don’t see the problem. You must select the event to be sized first, in your picture the first event is selected so only that can be edited for length. But maybe I’m still missing something.

The overlap happens (usually) when arranging the required images when dropping them into the video track. It would be useful if the activated/selected image file “comes to the front” so that the handles become accessible and adjustments can be made.

Note: There is absolutely no need to apologize for anything! VST Live is a great program and I enjoy working with it. I’m sure VST Live will become a much better program with every new release! Thank you for taking such an interest in our comments.