Questions to the WL9 release (prior to upgrading)

I’ll simply copy this over from the German section, since this one seems to be a bit abandoned:

Before I upgrade to WL9, I do have a couple of Q’s that I didn’t find answered in the manual or promo videos. I’ll also ask one question for another user, that’s interesting me just as much. I am on Win7 x64, Quicktime is not installed (I don’t find it mandatory to be honest) - if this helps as an indicator what is working and what is not.


  1. SoX Resampler

It’s nice to see this as part of WL9 now. However I already asked a couple of fellows, of this module is also part of the Batch Processor. I was told, that there is indeed a Resampler in the Batch Processor, however those people asked only found one resampler.

I now read on the English forums, that you removed the Crystal Resampler in favor for the SoX one? Is that correct? And if that is the case, and I can use it in the batch processor - I can finally ignore the (to me inflexible) command line tool.

2) Audio Analyzer (Batch Processor) calculates RAW Loudness?

Sadly, this got already confirmed to me (via the manual) that the “RAW Loudness Measurement” in RMS is still not possible via the Batch Processor. Only measurements according to EBU R-128. Would it be possible with a Maintenance update to implement “RAW Loudness” as well (RMS, 300ms)? Including free selection of the time window?

If not, I’d like to know why it’s being insisted on the EBU R-128 specs. The P/LOUD group already discussed in recent AES conventions that the -23LUFS is too low for music, and actually “Mastered for iTunes” and “Youtube’s Loudness Normalization on Playback” clocks in at about -16LUFS to -12LUFS. However, the batch processor always goes via the EBU R-128 “fixed” values (read: -23LUFS as reference) rather than the ITU-R BS.1770-x specs (where EBU R-128 for broadcast streams is based upon). Setting a reference level would be nice for the analysis modules.

3) Plugins in the Monitor Setup?

I still remember the patched in WL8.5 “Monitor Setup” - actually a great idea that I’m used to from the Monitor Room in Cubase. But can I load a plugin (or two) into this section? Like: Room Correction, etc?

And speaking of Cubase

  1. Plugin Search Function implemented?

I already got this hinted at on KVR Audio… apparenly Wavelab now got a plugin search function? I really, really hope so. Because this would speed up things drastically workflow wise.

Then this question or rather criticism popped up on the German board, and I’m really worried myself. I’ve never jumped on WL8.5, I’ll be going from WL8 -> WL9 - however:

  1. Can WL9 load AAC/M4A/MP4 files?

Apparently by the user that wrote about this in the German section, it is not possible? Kind of hard to believe. This would be a really big issue for me as this file format is pretty much the future of lossy audio (except HD-AAC). And if I can’t load it natively in Wavelab - it’s a big workflow issue.

I don’t care much about OGG or OPUS, but the M4A format (lossy or lossless) and FLAC… I definitely do.

Speaking of rendering:

  1. Can Wavelab now load WAV files that have 6 channels included?

Discrete channels via the Montage is one thing. But what about interleaved ones?

And finally…

  1. Can Wavelab now record multi track?

So far, only mono and stereo recordings were possible. But sometimes I just want to record 4-8 tracks without firing up Cubase. Has this been changed?

BONUS ROUND (I don’t expect this to happen anytime soon, but it would be cool):

  1. Did WL9 drop the DVD-A functionality and can now create simplified “Blu-Ray Audio” discs?

If so, that would be great. Also considering that WL is not capable of rendering Surround streams, and you put an emphasis on “HD Audio” with your product description (“capable of running up to 384kHz” - which WL could do with recent versions already).

That… or maybe we’ll see DSD/1-bit technology in a future update? (not .5, mind you) I mean - I can dream. But I’m looking positively into the future. Implementing the Fraunhofer ProCodec was already a great step (and I really hope it stays for many years to come).

Thanks for answering.

Yes, the “Playback Processing” section of the global master section has two different slots for VST plugins such as room correction or 3rd party analyzer or Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec. These plugins are audible on playback but not part of any rendered files.

Yes, you can search your plugins menu for a vendor name and/or plugin name.

  1. Yes, Sox Resampler replaces Crystal Resampler in every place, inc. batch processor.
  2. Yes, an other reference than -23 dB, for relative values, would be welcome. I note it for the future.
  3. You can load 2 plugins, in the section called “Playback processing”.
  4. Yes, Wavelab 9 now has a plugin search function.
  5. YEs, WL9 can load AAC/M4A/MP4 files
  6. Yes and No. You can process 6 channel audio files in the batch processor. You can render 6 channels files. You can import 6 channels files in the montage (but as it was already done in WaveLab 8).
  7. WaveLab can record 6 channel files. But these files can’t be edited in WaveLab for the time being.
  8. No Blu-Ray Audio planned for the time being.

Thanks for answering my initial Q’s, PG.

I still have some follow ups however:

  1. While we’re at the topic of “reference levels” in the Batch Analysis and “Analyzer” - why no RAW Loudness (RMS) in the Batch Analyzer as well? Can this be implemented in .0.15 please? I seem to have filed this as FR for years.

  2. Loading AAC/M4A/MP4 files:
    Well, according to this one post in the German section, it is not working (again) on Windows. Do we need to have that old dinosaur Quicktime installed in order for this to work? And will Wavelab recognize if it’s Lossy or Lossless (HD-AAC)? I expect WL to load FLAC flawlessly at this point.

  3. Can’t confirm the loading of “6-channel / 1 single WAV file” in WL8. If this was overhauled with WL9 - I’m looking forward to checking this out. I’m especially after rendering in HD-AAC for these streams.

  4. Hm… I guess this is a feature for .5 or 10.0 then? Though It would be nice to see this working (up to 8 channels) prior to a .5 - though I guess that won’t be possible.

  5. Would love to see that in the near future. It’s been a topic for years at this point, and dragging along DVD-A still is just moot IMO.

    And finally - I guess this is not only interesting to know for me:
    But will the upgrade cycle (time frame) change from once every 2 years to once every 1 year now as well (see Cubase/Nuendo)? I really hate rushed products and spending money on end for just tacked on features (that work better than before, yet break other features in return) to be honest.

I’d love to see a .2 and .3 again for a change. Not just a direct .5 jump for extra 50 quids. So here is my hope in Wavelab.

Thanks again.

  1. Why is your use of raw RMS?

  2. For sure this works. HD-ACC too. FLAC too.

  3. There is an “Insert Surround Audio File” function in WaveLab 8. No change in WaveLab 9.

  4. probably yes.

  5. Less probable that #7

I’m still used to VU’s and RMS meters with the same ballistics/time windows. I do not consider EBU R-128 (or actually the more “free of boundaries” ITU-R BS.1770-x specs, hence my request to set the reference level during the analysis) to be of that much use other than quick setup of projects for mastering and loudness normalization according to ITU-R specs.

If I use the batch processor, I want to see the RMS (raw loudness) or (if possible) VU value since I’m used to that while working inside of Cubase.

I record with a Digital Peak meter and VU meter to judge the signal more objectively
I use a Digital Peak meter and VU meter to do proper gain staging
I use a digital meter and VU meter (either the inline in Cubase, or the peak from the master channel and a VU as “visual habit”) to create mixdowns that do not exceed certain values.

During mastering (extra step), i then use the ITU-R BS.1770-x specs. But only the SLk and the True Peak meter.
Which is why I insist on a different reference level setup and general easier setup of the loudness meter. I usually aim for -16LUFS SLk to -14LUFS SLk – I moved on from the K-System v1 (600ms, no weighting filter).

But during recording, mixing, and quick checks of audio tracks, I do prefer VU/RMS.
Especially if I want to prepare a project for mixing (prior to checking each individual track inside of Cubase with a VU - which can take ages, I’d rather load it inside of WL and a batch process, setup to “check the VU value” and a reference, then press analysis - such a time saver for projects higher 24 tracks!), if I want to compare samples with each other, general “oldschool” setup, etc.

EBU R-128 is NOT the holy grail.

It was created for Broadcast streams, mixed program material (TV, Radio) and Podcasts. It is now considered as the “defacto standard” - but at this form, it’s flawed for music. And definitely unusable to setup individual signals. I typed my fingers off on this topic on KVR Audio alone.

I just still don’t understand why “RAW Loudness” is part of the Analysis (y-hotkey) in the WAV editor, yet not in the Batch Analysis processor? Where is the problem to (re)implement this? And why do we even have to debate the use or non-use of this?! It’s been a standard for decades at this point, it’s part of the level meters… so why not the batch processors as well?

So I’d love to see this finally (re)implemented in maintenance .0.15

An update of this (RAW loudness) seeing a likely port into a future .0.x maintenance update would be nice.