questions: upgrading my 7yo pc to a new one, what to do?


I think it’s about time to upgrade my DAW. It’s been 7 years and although i’ve experienced a few performance boosts with buying new ram, upgrading to cubase versions 8/9, I think i’m getting my limits again, as I like to include many harmonic distortion plugins from waves to beef up the sound, like nls, limiters, vitamin, etc. Plus I’m loading loads of libraries at the same time. When I’m making a complex song, this is getting a bit taxing, and I have to run my audiocard at 1024ms latency to make it all work without freezing, even when freezing I’d have to run heavy projects like that, otherwise there’ll be clicks and stutters and pops inside the frozen tracks.

I really would like the best cpu, does cubase benefit from xeon ? Is it worth the price ? Are SSD’s reliable nowadays ? As I understand they sometimes suffer from massive data defragmentation… Should I use an ssd system drive ? I think if I take 32gb memory I’ll be good right ? Which ssd’s are good for sample/library/data storage ?

I load everything from d:\sample-plugins rightnow. and my project data from d:\audio. THis keeps everything nicely organized. Could I maybe swap that to other drives so that project data is loaded from D and libraries from E ?

Would it benefit performance if I also buy a pci/e hammerfall card ? I’m having my eyes on aio. or can I keep my old hdsp ?

Thx in advance.

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