Quick-access Preferences

Just had a brainstorm. See what you think…

I’m running out of easily-reachable keypresses to change preferences I like to be able to change on the fly. Accessing them from the current dialog (even were there an overdue update a-la-KeyCommands) is cumbersome.

What would be useful is a configurable area for frequently-accessed Prefs, such as Solo on Selected Track, Track Selection Follows Events (I’m quoting from memory because I can’t see the full name); you get the idea.

How to implement it, I’m not quite sure. I first thought of a pop-up but then thought that a new tab in the Lower Zone might be better. The Prefs that appear here could be Favourited in a re-vamped Prefs dialog.

Right, there ya go, that’s it. Let’s see whatcha make of it…

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My wish is to have a docking bar where you can insert your preferred commands, macros or PLEs.
Anyway I use Touch Portal in an old tablet with 80 buttons/shortcuts and I love it, it´s a workflow changer, I don´t have to remember anything.

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Not bad. I think it seems like a good idea. So basically an area with ‘soft keys’ assignable to commands / preferences etc. I can see how that would be quite useful.

For those wanting something like this there’s also Avid’s free Eucontrol software that runs on Android and iOS. Setup for softkeys and macros is a bit clunky but you get color coding and naming of soft keys, channel controls, mixer control and more.

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Cheers for chiming in, fellas. I’ll have to check out those apps you mention.

I like the expression an area with ‘soft keys’ - it might sell it to the devs. And yes to Macros and PLEs, hadn’t thought of them…

I think not enough is made of the Lower Zone. There could be quick access for all sorts, user-configurable of course; I have no use for Sampler, Remote MIDI or Chords for instance. But I would love to be able to access the Pool there; as things stand it gets in the way of its own drag’n’drop feature!

Keep the ideas coming…

Sure. I think though that this sort of feature could probably exist in either of the three zones. On my screen for example I find that width is great but I could use more screen real estate vertically (it’s a 3440x1440 34-inch 21:9 ultrawide). So to me adding it to the lower zone would be quite literally bad, but to one of the sides good. Come to think of it, I’d prefer the right side.

Either way though as long as a quick-access zone/area could be open/closed with a key command it’d be easy to deal with.

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Just been having a look. Interesting. Which plugin/page are you using to control Cubase?

I have some plugins to add extra functions but you don´t need them, just create buttons and assign them to Cubase shortcuts.
Can also create buttons to make things that cannot be done in Cubase such as click on certain screen position (to open a submenu that has no available key command), or execute combination of macros,etc.
Can also create buttons with different values: click a button and show volume lane, click again and show modulation lane, click again and show pitchbend lane, you can build simple scripts inside buttons.

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You might want to take a look at Cubase iC Pro. Among other useful control types you can have Buttons for Key Commands, Macros and the like. I just got it and haven’t explored using it very much yet - but my initial impression is very positive.

I’m on Windows/Android but thanks anyway :+1:

I like this idea. Access to the pool from the lower zone is a great one!

The thing with something like the pool though is that it’s basically a list of files, and as such it’s really vertical. The mixer for example, or an editor, is horizontal. So in terms of where things naturally fit my bet would be that the pool would be better suited on one of the sides, probably the right since the media bay is there.

I respectfully disagree. The width of all the columns in my pool window makes it more wide than tall.

But if the tabs are user-configurable you could set things up so it was visible -or not - in both as required. Anything, anywhere, anytime!

Bus surely you have more audio files than columns? That would make the entire contents of the pool more tall than vertical. I just checked one audio files folder real quick and it had over 2,900 files in it, all used.

Unless I’m missing something.

Doesn’t really matter if there’s an option to put it wherever we want, but judging from the other things that are available and not moveable I’d say it’s probably better at least for me on a side.

I never have that amount of audio files in a project.
Even if I did have a massive amount of files in the pool and it was in fact taller than wider, if this pool was shown in the right zone, I would have to scroll both horizontally and vertically. I would prefer to only scroll vertically and always see all the columns. I never use Media Bay in the right zone because of this.