Quick analysis = real time


I’m doing a loundess analysis on a 52min movie. And for the first time It is played in real time doing the analysis process… with the sound beeing played. I never had that.
Any reason why ?
I noted that bouncing the mix was really slow probably real time to. It’s almost always like this for big sessions since nuendo 11 I think.
Any process I should render or plugin that would be involved ?

Not sure how everyone else mixes, but this is how I do it:

I only mix AUDIO tracks. No MIDI, no instruments, nothing audio that requires CPU power to process as I mix.

If we have a track that has very complex plug in routing / processing, I also render that into an audio track.

The goal here is to free up all the CPU power for MIXING.

I was taught the process as follows:

  1. Demo ideas. The artist makes crude demos of their music ideas. Written, sung into a mobile phone, whatever. Crude is the goal here. Getting down the rhythm, melody and harmonies, along with lyrics, if any.
  2. Making the arrangement. The artist and a producer, if there is one, sit down and make the arrangement for each demo song. This should be nearly finalized BEFORE going to step 3.
  3. Recording the parts for the approved arrangement of each song. In this part, we try hard to GET THE SOUND at the source, followed by some post production if necessary, to arrive at the FINAL sound of each instrument in the arrangement. We also try hard to record PERFORMANCES, or sequence performances as perfectly as needed for the arrangement. No passing the buck. Within this section, we also do, on the fly if possible, any editing needed, as recording is done. Any overdubs / fixes / etc. are done here. BEFORE the musicians leave the studio, we have teach one’s FINAL performance of whatever they played.
  4. Editing. Once the artist and producer have ALL the recorded performances in the can, they can and often to a final editing session, where final takes of instruments / vocals / etc. are comped and approved. This means NO RECORDING anymore. Of course, sometimes the artistic direction changes, in which case the entire thing goes back to step 2, a re arrangement of the song, etc.
  5. MIXING. Here is where all the performances (edited and finalized) are processed into a final mix of each song / film cue. The onlly things I’ve allowed and seen re recorded here are the lead vocal, if any. Usually because when the final mix is nearly done, the artists sometimes is more inspired. So be it. But we are done recording any other instruments here.
  6. Mastering. The final mix and accessories (TV mix et al) get sent to the Mastering Engineer. I always refuse to master my own mixes. The point is to have a second human being with expert ears come in and do the final polish, and the creation of the final deliverables to the distribution house.

In your case, your mix may be slow because maybe you have still MIDI virtual instruments being played, instead of an audio rendering of each? Finalize those if you still have them into simple audio tracks, which do not eat CPU. Also, if you have one or several tracks that have a lot of plugins processing them, render those too. I mean, every single sound and cue is APPROVED now, right? That is why you are at the mixing stage.


Thanks for your detailed answer!
My situation here is 100% Sound editing and mix for TV with 0 VSTi, very little plugins really… I use native comp / gates on tracks and some limiters Eq from other dev but most is DOP.
But still reading your message made me thought I can see render is long long,… but still why is it playing audio while rendering ?
And then I remember that I have a hardware gear bypassed that is as an insert on one off the tracks !
I removed it and now bounce is 9min.
So I wish that Nuendo would warn us with a message like “Nuendo detected that at least one external effect is active. Export will be done in realtime”.
thx :wink:

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It does give you that warning. With the option to tick a box that says “do not show this warning again”. You must have ticked that at some point. I think you can reset it in preferences…