Quick and Simple N10 Tips? Put 'em here.

How about tossing time saving tips (even those that may seem obvious to you) into this thread, which can eventually be compiled? Share some DAW love? No such thing as a dumb tip, so don’t be shy. Maybe it’s just a “you” thing, but then again, it might really help somebody out.

There are some smart users in here. Let’s take advantage of it:

  1. I have “Enlarge Track” toggle on/off set as “E”. I set the Enlarge size really big. Great for instant vertical zoom on a track or tracks. Especially helpful when editing Automation.

I assign a macro to the multi stage tools like the select and range tools.
It’s very simple. I just assign mute and select tool to my “1” key. This way I can’t accidentally switch modes. And I assign the regular kc to “shift+1”