Quick Control and all that ...

I’m puzzled what could be wrong that I don’t get the Quick Control functions properly here on two systems.
Simple things like controlling UAD Moog Filter Cut Off is not working. On one system I have Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 6.5 and as MIDI controllers available a TI Polar, Maschine controller and a DM2000 mixing desk. I can setup everything as described - and it is really no rocket science but for whatever reason it doesn’t work, even if I can, for example, see that in the Quick Control setup (Devices) it reacts with ‘learn’ to my MIDI controllers and has the right CC messages. As soon as I use Quick Control in the Project window I can see the mappings are correct but moving a controller doesn’t change the parameters! This is the same in Nuendo and Cubase - I post it in the Cubase forum because of the higher traffic. On my second workplace I have a small E-MU MIDI keyboard/controller and gave the same problem. When I use for example NI plug ins with their own MIDI learn function I can easily control the parameters from the MIDI controllers and therefore I know MIDI controllers are passing thru to the plug in.
I think there must be a setting somewhere I have overlooked … any ideas would be appreciated.
And … even if my DM2000 V2 is working fine as a general controller for Nuendo or Cubase I cannot use it as a Remote Device for plug ins. There is this nice editor and everything shows up but not my DM2000. This whole controller thing in Cubase and Nuendo is driving me nuts sometimes.
I’m on OSX Mavericks 10.9.3.

During further ‘experimentation’ I found out I have to setup ‘Track Quick Control’ too - then it works with all plug ins. The manual is of no help so far to explain the difference between ‘Quick Control’ and ‘Track Quick Control’. When and where is the ‘Quick Control’ usable? The 'regular ‘Quick Control’ is doing nothing here - the ‘Track Quick Control’ works fine now. What is the point I don’t get with this ‘Quick Control’ mania … :wink:

You mean “VST Quick Controls”? It is for use in the new VSTi Rack :wink:

Yes right … thank you - will check this out!

Ok, it all works fine now - ‘Track Quick Controls’ is what I had to setup. Before I setup erroneously ‘VST quick control’. I haven’t found in the manual a topic dealing with ‘VST quick control’ like with ‘Track Quick Control’.

Thankyou so much for posting this solution. I too had set up VST Quick Controls and was puzzling for ages as to why the quick controller actions still were not assigning to my midi controller when i changed them on my selected VST (u-he Diva in this instance). Assigning the Track Quick Controls too like you said was the solution.

Jaysus. Now i can get back to laying down my chorus pad… :smiley:

In continuing to explore the Quick Control adventures (due to lack of clear documentation), I stumbled over a silly problem in Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 6.5 (yes, both on the same machine) with a surround project. Track Quick Control simply refuses to work in this project now but worked before. Nothing changed, all setups as before, same controller, everything untouched. If I use a default or other project everything works as expected. In the particular problematic project I tried to add some automation with Track Quick Control and it doesn’t work. I can assign plug in values to the controllers, the controller is seen by Cubase/Nuendo and works fine. The project does need a lot of CPU power. What could be the problem beside being a bug somewhere?