Quick control (chord pad) question?


I am just starting out with halion 4 and cant seem to figure out the answer to what could be a simple question?

I love the quick control pads used to trigger chords in some of the halion 4 patches but cant work out how to record the midi data back into cubase 5.5. When i trigger the chords using the quick control pads the corresponding notes are held on the halion 4 keyboard and the audio is routed through the halion 4 master output in cubase. So i could record the chords in as audio.

But, what i really want to do is record the midi part for each chord in the corresponding midi channel in cubase. i.e. trigger the quick control in halion and have the midi notes appear in cubase.

Is this possible?

I was expecting some right-click commands but there isn’t any.

Greetings from sweden, all of you here!
I am waiting for the answer too…:slight_smile:

Yea! I was wondering if Halion has any MIDI output capability too. How do we contact tech support?