Quick Control Help Required

just getting into quick controls. can’t find a solution to a little problem.
I assign a control I want in the first slot in Quick Control in the Inspector,
I then click on learn on the highlighted control.
At this point the slot always reverts to the “preset” control and not the one I picked.
What am I doing wrong?
Cubase 11.0 Elements, Novation Launchkey.


First enable Learn, then click/move the plug-in controller, you want to control by the QuickControl slot.

Thank you for your reply, Martin. Unfortunately your solution did not work, still reverts to Default QC’s. I think this is a limitation in “Elements”. The midi controller works in Reason and a friend has got his working in an old version of Cubase 5. I guess I’ll have to upgrade to Cubase Artist!


It works for me here in Cubase Elements 11. I can assign custom parameters to the Quick Controls.

Thanks for the rapid reply! I CAN get it working in Cubase plugins but not 3rd party. How about you?


It works with 3rd plug-ins as well here on my side.

Thanks again for your hep…I will have to dig deeper!!

just a quick update. I got it all working…the problem was an ebay purchase
of an old Kenton Spin Doctor, connected by a midi to usb, had driver problems.
This was solved by a direct midi in/out to my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface!!