Quick Control preset values overwritten by plugin defaults on track enable

I’ve created an instrument track, assigned QC via learn mode, and then saved that QC preset.
I then selected that preset for the instrument track.
Next, I disabled the track.

After enabling the track again, the quick controls labels are the same as I’d named them in the preset. The values, and the parameters they control, however, are reset to the plugin’s defaults, i.e. the same values that you’d get from “Get default QCs from plugin.”

If I reselect the QC preset at this point, all QC slots go back to controlling the parameters I’d assigned to them via learn mode, but this is forgotten the next time the plugin is enabled.

Are there additional settings I need to tweak so that the values aren’t overwritten by the plugin when it’s loaded? Quick Controls is a feature I’ve not made use of in the past so I’m less familiar with how it works.

Would be grateful for any insights.


This is an known issue of Disable/Enable track and QCs.

Thanks, Martin. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed in a subsequent update.