quick control setup ... CC messages not registering

Just settling in a new install of Cubase 8 …

Trying to set up Quick Controls in Device Setup window.
I have Halion open to test with and a MIDI monitor plug inserted to monitor what’s coming down the line …
Controller is an Edirol PCR … (with inputs an outputs assigned accordingly at the top of Device Setup window)

I select VST Quick Control > quick control1 in the setup window > click learn > turn encoder > nothing happens with QCs :question: however , MIDI monitor is showing CC data when i turn the encoder.

Any clues what I’m missing here?

On your PCR, try changing the program to “3” (switched via that rotary and the program change button). PCR’s and Cubase don’t always work well together. Also, sometimes it’s easier - if you’re using instrument tracks - to set-up the vst quick controls via the learn function in the quick control section of the track itself (i.e., not via the device set-up panel).