Quick Control & TouchOSC Hell: Please help!

So, what if you select a channel via the mixer view (F3), does that act any different than selecting a track on the main project window? i.e. if you set two tracks to the EQ preset and then expand the EQ group in the mixer to see which you’re controlling?

i.e. try to do it without the ‘e’ button/channel settings view open.

Edit: Ah! Think I may have found it! :slight_smile:


See if your sync selection option is ticked (Circled red)- if it’s not, then the VST Mixer isn’t following your track selection and will act as you’ve demonstrated. The quick control mapping is based on the VST Mixer selection.


You found it! :star_struck: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

Thank you :wink: Would never thought of that!

I recently deactivated this setting in the preferences because of my setup with VEP.

But to be honest it is not very clear that the Quick Controls are dependent on the selection in the Mixer. E.g. you can also change the audio fader from the inspector without having the same track selected in the Mixer. Why is this behavior necessary for the default Quick Control setup? (not over Generic Remote)

Nevertheless, I am happy that the solution has been found. :slight_smile:

Thank you @skijumptoes

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Most parameter mappings link in via the VST mixer slots, it’s just how the mapping works in Cubase.

The fact that you could have multiple tracks feeding one mixer channel, is why it’s done that way around. Although, that said, if you created a Groove Agent instance (for example) and created multiple outs for it - they appear in the mixer view, but not track view.

And I’m unaware if you can set up track controls for those mixer items (i.e. for out 3,4,5,6 etc.). It’s something I’ve not really consider before. But the mapping system is quite long in the tooth, for sure.

Of course, if you need to toggle between that sync setting you could set it up in your generic remote and provide feedback to the TouchOSC interface, the command is here:-

Command > Preferences > Search for “Sync Selection”

Although, I don’t know if Cubase transmits it’s state or not, sorry. I’ve had some instances whereby you have to create a second generic remote entry for transmit messages to work, too. Which can over-complicate things.

By the way, if you ever need to find where different commands and functions will be in the generic remote editor, just open up the key commands options in Cubase and they follow a similar logic to how they’re grouped within there. Key commands you can search easier, thankfully.

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Good job finding that.

Here is a useful link:

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If you are upgrading, you might want to wait and see what happens in 12… :slight_smile:

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Oh maaaaaaan :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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The new MIDI remote control editor is way more convenient! :slight_smile: Also happy to see that the old generic remote control still works for now in Cubase 12.

I noticed that the function browser in the MIDI Remote Mapping assistant lets you only choose the first 8 audio channels of the MixConsole. Don’t know if this by design or if this is a bug:

I want to map some Group Tracks but could find it in the mapping assistant. Will search further and use generic remote until then.