Quick control / track preset / workflow

I want to set it up so when I create a mono or stereo audio track the quick controls are automatically assigned to sends 1-8. I’ve got a controller keyboard which automatically assigns it’s 8 knobs to the quick controls so it’s useful.

On first approach it’s not that much of a hassle to just choose the sends 1-8 preset after I’ve created an audio track… however If I’m working quickly and recording backing vocals for example then it isn’t going to happen.

So I can create a track preset… however it becomes a bit messy using a track preset… for example… I might call the audio track ‘audio’ and save that as a track preset with the quick controls assigned to the sends… but then that gives me a problem because I might choose to create 8 of those tracks… and now I have 8 tracks all called the same thing which gives my controller a problem because it needs each track to be called something unique… which is why when you use the default create track option it numbers the tracks appropriately.

Anyone got a workflow that gets round this? It would be great if I could just say I want the quick controls to default to sends when I create a new audio track outside of the track presets option.


tbh… on the controller… there is an option to assign the 8 knobs to sends outside of cubase but still it would be nice to know I can default the quick controls to something.

macro is the way forwards for this i think.