Quick Control value not saved in Project

In Cubase I have a MIDI track set to an external MIDI module as an rack instrument. I use three Quick Controls to enter the levels of reverb, delay and chorus via MIDI CC All messages. This works fine.

But when I save and reload the Project, all three values of the QC are reset to zero. This does not happen with “standard” QC settings like Volume or Pan. Just with the CC All. Is this normal?

Automating the parameters works, but I don’t really need that. I just need a static initial value. And I have a lot of MDID tracks…

You might have to write or record the values in the project. I’m assuming because you’re using an external module, it’s not saved in Cubase. You need to record it in for it to then read it back to your external instrument.

Thanks ilmolto, that’s what I will do. Make a one-bar empty MIDI event with all the initial CC values en place those at the beginning of each track.

But it would be better if QC just worked like it should.

I’m having the same problem. It’s a bug, of course.
A “work around” is a “work around” though.

Is this bug ever going to get fixed?