Quick Control values not being saved

I just started using Quick Controls and am bemused that the values I enter for a specific CC are not being saved with the project.

I.e, create a Quick Control for CC88, enter a value of 64, save project, close and re-open. The QC shows zero, when it should be 64 because that is the state it was saved in.

Sounds an awful lot like a bug to me. Using 6.0.6 64-bit.


You are right. You have to set the value by automation. I.e. Show the Automation, find MIDI CC88, click on the R (Read) button, and add the point of the automation (value 64). That’s it.


So what (do you think) is the point of the QC ? If the value isn’t saved, I don’t understand the point. You might just as well use the Automation lane.

I think it must be a bug rather than intentional.

The point is (I think), you can use it for any parameter of any instrument or effect. You can learn it easy, and assign the parameter.

So the point is, you can quickly control any parameter. You don’t need to open any VSTi, or VST, if you want to write automation. Thanks to automatic assign, you have the most important parameters by your hand directly, and automaticly. This is the point, when do you want to move it during the playback.


Take a look at this http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=6311#p48946 it may be relevant.

Quick Controls are a funny thing, kind of awesome and redundant at the same time. Best way to use them is to quickly assign the parameter and write the automation in via record. Obviously what sucks is that you have to go digging around in the vst instrument folder for the automation lane when using them with midi vst instruments. Best off just using them for fx/group/audio channels, and utilising the normal midi cc lanes for midi tracks. Nowadays pretty much every plugin has quick learn functions.

I wish Steinberg would develope QC to act like Ableton’s FX racks.

Thanks but that’s a different issue as I’m not talking about automation.