Quick control working, but vst QC not working

Hello, I have a komplete m32 keyboard. Knob 1 to 8 are assigned to MIDI CC 14 to 21, when I press PAGE 2 on my keyboard, those 8 knobs become MIDI CC22 to 29

Track QC are working fine
But I can’t make VST QC work
When I open the QC tab of a VST, I press learn, no matter what knob I turn, it doesn’t learn

I want to have the same VST remembering the same QC, so that when a load a new instance of that vst, it’s already mapped with those QC


Could you please attach a screenshot what exactly do you mean by this?

I am trying to assign one of my controller knob to that position parameter, it does not work. Then if I use the track QC in the inspector, it work

Why can’t I make VST QC work directly within the VST

I want to leave the track QC to control the instrument parameters


These are Focus Quick Controls.

I believe you need to set those up with your remote, using Cubase new remote editor

But I have a komplete m32 keyboard, which already work (transport functions + midi CC) without needing to set a midi remote control

Do I need to create a new midi remote control nevertheless ?

I tried to create a midi mapping remote for the Komplete m32, it does not work. If my keyboard is in MIDI mode, the knobs are assigned to midi CC14 to 21 and cubase does not recognize them. And if I am not in MIDI mode, then cubase create a knob, but then when I move my knob, it only move the virtual knob by a tiny bit


To anyone with a KOMPLETE KEYBOARD : You need, in order to use BOTH track Quick controls on instruments (works natively) and FOCUS quick controls on plugin vst (depending on what you are focusing) You need to setup a midi remote device, name it wathever, and in the ports, make sure you select KOMPLETE MIDI and not KOMPLETE DAW (both in input and output)

When you focus a track, your knobs controls the quick controls of that track
When you focus an effect plugin, your knobs controls the focus quick controls of that


:+1: Good that you solved the problem.