Quick Controles question.

Hi, please guys watch the video it’s not mine but I’m really interested why QC work this way.

In that YouTube video, he refers to the other YouTube which he himself was using as a reference (and which he couldn’t get it to work quite right, he said).
I tracked down the YouTube video in question…

The section that concerns us, about remote controlling the parameters, is at about 05:40
I think he misunderstood what the guy said at 05:56

Having done MIDI Learn to that parameter, he took it to mean that the MIDI Learn was now the VST Quick Control for that parameter, but was disappointed to see that, while it did control the knob on the GSSE GUI, it wasn’t reflected in the VSTi Rack, nor on the corresponding automation track.
This is perfectly normal… he would see, on the other hand, the CC being recorded on the MIDI track.
IMHO, the guy in that 2nd video wasn’t really clear enough (although, he did indeed say that the Quick Control would affect the knob on the GUI, in the VSTi Rack, and the automation track… but he said it with hardly any pause from when he was talking about MIDI Learn, so I can quite understand the guy with the problem thinking that it was still the MIDI Learn that was being spoken about.

In short, what the first guy thought he was doing wrong, is in fact perfectly correct… MIDI Learn on that parameter does not link it to VST Quick Controls (it is a completely separate thing :wink: )… If he wants to use it on the VST Instrument Rack (and therefore on the corresponding automation track), he has to assign the desired CC to the corresponding slot in VST Quick Controls Setup.

(btw, I don’t really want to post a reply on YouTube, but if there is anyone here who is in the habit of posting comments there, please feel free to refer to this forum topic here :wink: )

Thank you vic_france now it’s pretty clear.

Having said all that ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), I don’t see why moving the knob on the GUI via MIDI Learn shouldn’t also link to the other places (yes, there could be automation conflicts, if in addition to recording the CC MIDI data in a MIDI Part, the Instrument were also Write-enabled… especially if you later wanted to edit it… but the same conflict is possible even now, if you deliberately Write some (conflicting) automation by moving the knob directly with the mouse while the MIDI Learn has recorded different movements. (N.B. that isn’t the same thing as the potential conflict, with MIDI CC, where you can choose to record that either into a MIDI Part or as an automation track on the same MIDI Part… in the case we are discussing here, the MIDI is on the MIDI Part (or the just-mentioned automation track), while the Quick Control automation is in the Instrument’s track folder).