Quick Controls - A Few Questions

I am trying to use Quick Controls to control a variety of parameters, but I am running into a brick wall and was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

Firstly, I would like to control multiple quick control ‘lanes’ or parameters by the same Midi CC assignment. I have set all this up in device setup, but I seem unable to do that. I can only have the Mod Wheel control on lanes or assignment.

Is there any way to control multiple parameters/assignments by the same Midi CC via Quick Controls? If not, does anyone know a work around?

Secondly, is there anyway to control the min/max CC send values via Quick Controls? Adjusting max. Value in the quick control device setup seems to affect nothing. I was hoping to be able to do like one does in Kontakt’s Auto tab (from % - to %).

Thirdly, when I adjust a parameter with quick control and hold down a key for an extended period of time, after about 3 seconds the value control resets to 100%, not sure if a bug, but just pointing that out.

I am still on Cubase 6.0.7. I am not sure if Cubase 7 had any big improvements with Quick Controls, but if they did and anyone can share them; I might upgrade.